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See Some of Geary's Great Jazz Musicians' Portraits 

See Kevin Geary's Recent Portrait of a West Highland Terrier

  Viaprestige Art & Culture

Take a look and see for yourself why critics have written of Geary's work, 
"He captures souls on paper"


A Private Viewing of Kevin Geary's portrait in the National Portrait Gallery, London

Dr. Tim Moreton, Collections Manager holds up my portrait of Jack Brymer in the archives room of the NPG.
Click HERE to see the link to the photos from the NPG



Dr. Henry Kissinger  
Collection of Henry & Nancy Kissinger  



In Memoriam, Carroll Shelby, 1923-2012

Cleo Shelby stands next to the portrait with her husband Carroll.
Collection of Cleo Shelby



Portrait of Jack Brymer 
in the National Portrait Gallery in London



Francis Bacon, Drawn by Geary from Life at Muriel's (the Colony Room Club, Soho, London, 1984) Sold at Whyte's Auctions in Dublin, Nov. 2009, for a Record Price for a Work on Paper by the Artist



Sen. John McCain's Portrait
Collection of Echo Canyon Winery, 
Page Springs, AZ



Dizzy Gillespie
See Some of Geary's Great Jazz Musicians' Portraits Here



Posthumous portrait of Cassie Geary, Darien, Connecticut.
Click the image to see a larger version



A Recent Portrait Commission of a Father and his Daughter
(Lou & Jamie Blazquez)


Every Picture Tells a Story.....Portraits by Kevin Geary

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by Karen Reider on Geary's work


Kevin Geary's Portraits Slide Show



Pet Portraits
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p106e Grace&Bell portriat02e
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Geary's Work in the National Portrait Gallery, London

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